I'm Augusta.
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Q: Do you answer every question you receive?


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Q: Is Liam your first love? Have you ever loved/had a crush on someone without being returned?

He’s my first love, yes! The last kinda sorta fling I had was a bit like that…he was into me but not super into me…which caused me to be super into him. He was older, I had to work a bit to keep his attention - that sucked. It wasn’t completely one sided but it was just…eh.

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Q: Do you like animated films? Which one is your favourite?

I do! I don’t know if I have a favorite though. :/ I like Up, Frozen, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Tangled….are all animated movies kids movies? Idk. I can’t even think right now. I like a lot of movies, if you were to give me a list of animated movies I’d probably like all of them. lol

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Q: I know you like being very open on your social media but maybe you should try to censor yourself especially if you plan on teaching children. I'm only saying this because I have worked for schools and you'd be surprised how things are never deleted from the internet and how much digging parents do. Just an opinion from experience of seeing teachers get their career ruined from silly preventable things. If I found out my child's teacher was giving advice in how to give a blow job I'd be concerned

I mean I won’t be giving out sex advice while I’m a teacher. In 3 years this stuff will be pretty buried - but I’ll keep that in mind! Kinda sucks though that sex and talking about sex is viewed in a way that would be concerning. :/

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Q: tips on how to give the guy a bj? sorry this question is sooo out there lol but I'm clueless

Hahaha no it’s fine. It’s really all practice and seeing what works for your guy. Everyone is different. Either watch him and see if anything specific is driving him wild or talk to him to see what he likes. I’d recommend using your hands as well as your mouth, make sure you’ve got a good amount of spit going on, pay attention to the tip (specifically underneath the tip) and just do your thing. lol you learn as you go. Some google searches could help too with finding out what areas are best to focus on.

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Q: What's liam planning on doing career wise?

Well he’s studying computer science currently, he’s interested in programming and just everything computer related. He’s considering every aspect of the field..maybe IT…or maybe security or something like that. Idk his dad was just telling him about this thing he could do which would put him in the position to receive a starting salary of $100,000 or above. So that’s cool. lol

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Q: Can you tell us what these plans are? I kinda need one too..

Well if me and Liam stay together we’ll move in together after school, he’ll probably make more than me, we’ll combine our incomes and live happily ever after. lol if I’m single by the time I graduate I’ll probably live at home for another year or two - save money - pay off as much debt as I can - and then I’ll move out on my own! That’s really all :)

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Q: Im at a community college too..i think a lot people assume ccolleges are easier than four year ones,so i feel upset when people ask me why i didnt go to one. How do you cope? P.s im a big fan 😍

Aw thank you! :) well I just kinda brush it off, you’ll notice that the people saying negative things about community colleges are young kids who’ve probably never gone to one. Any adult I speak to says how great of a decision that is financially and how it’s really all the same. It’s a smart move. You’re getting an education for a lower cost - that’s all there is too it - nothing to feel bad about. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re just as smart as your colleagues but in way less debt. ;)

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Q: What university will you be transferring to?

I’m not sure I want to say but it’s a local private liberal arts college!

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